• I am married to US citizen from 2014.
  • Filed to remove condition on March 2016.
  • Received REF on March 2017 (Not enough joint financial documents) Responded to REF April 2017. Got I-551 stamp May 2017.
  • Contacted USCIS to follow up and was told the case has been transferred to local office. I guess it means we will be asked for an interview.
  • Filed for N-400 to expedite the interview on August 2017.

  • Now, US citizen spouse is asking for divorce!! I am waiting for possible interview letter and any day I might get the interview scheduled. She is pushing me to get mutual divorce since it is faster. otherwise the divorce will take over a year since we must spend 1 year separated before filing.

Now I am stuck with her wanting divorce and I do not know to agree to get mutual divorce or let her file herself and go through this long divorce process.
If she files for divorce by herself, It will take over a year and half. What will happen to my status with 2 pending immigration cases and pending divorce decree?

How about I agree to get mutual divorce. Then what should I do with my pending I-751 and N-400? Should I go to interview? Will I get into trouble to get mutual divorce?