Hi, I've a very long pending N400 naturalization case, applied Feb'2015. Yesterday, I was called for the interview, I passed the citizenship test/interview but I was told by the IO that decision cannot be made as my finger prints have expired, and she has to re-run them. She seemed very nice and said since the last finger print were done in March 2015, it needs to be re-run to ensure I'm not being arrested or anything. My concern, they just went through the process of clearing out my security check, would this trigger the same process again. Here is my case history.

N400 filed: Feb 2015
Finger printing: March 2015
Interview notice: Dec 2015
Interview day: Jan 2016> when i went to the local field office, i was told they don't have a file for me and will contact again

Feb2016 - June2017> I had numerous infopass, field service call, ombudsman case, senator, congressman contact to resolve this, but nothing happened. I was told to wait, as case is under security review.

Last week> got a call from the IO in local field office to come for interview as they now have the file about me.

As you can see this has been a very painful journey and I worry that I may go back to square because of this new check. I've never been arrested. My last traffic ticket was 3 years ago. In last 17 years in US I only had two traffic violations.

Any guidance here?