i just filed a VAWA petition through my attorney. i would like to know what my chances are of having it approved. i included evidence of the abuse that dates back to 2006 when i was pregnant with our first child and he hit me for the first time. Aggravated battery on a pregnant woman is the charge on the first (there are more) police report. They wanted to put him in prison at the time but i refused to testify. I stayed with this man for 10 yrs and endured this abuse. had two children who endured the abuse right by my side. There are multiple police reports, hospital reports, pics of my injuries. but still i am very scared that even with all my evidence i will be denied because I've been reading online ppl whose same motion(vawa) gets denied and they have no clue why they were denied. PLS HELP. he also forced me to work as an exotic dancer and pay for his drug habit. i have included all that in my statement. i also have affidavits from family and friends that witnessed the abuse over the years. pls someone that knows about this help and let me know what my chances are.