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Thread: What happens when you are denied entry?

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    I may consider travelling on AP soon. As part of my preparations, I would like to know what happens when you are denied admission at POE?
    Can you get back again to the US? What about the pending 1-485?

    Thanks much!

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    Your case will be considered abandonned. You will have to file for a waiver to r-enter the US and only than you can start the AOS again.

    AP is at your own risk and does not guarantee admission. If you have overstayed your visa by more than 180 days or have entered the US illegally I wouldn't advice using it but this is merely an opinion. Also make sure you do not leave the US for more than 1 year.

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    what is this waiver? any form #? how long does it typically take to approve such a waiver?

    what if i re-start the aos process thru the embassy in my home country?

    pls advise.


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    The 2 waivers would be I-212 and I-601. They are pretty hard to get but not impossible. Time varies but count on at least 1 year.

    I don't think you can start the AOS proccess again at an embassy as you have to be present in the US while applying.

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    thks for the info. appreciate that!

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