Iím in the US on an O1-A visa and I just received an approval for EB1-based I-140 that I filed at the end of October 2015. Iím now preparing to file the I-485 for Adjustment of Status.
Meanwhile, Iíve been in divorce proceedings since the end of September 2016, but the divorce isnít final yet.

I have one detention on August 14, 2016 (downgraded from arrest) and one arrest on February 1, 2017 (where I was let go without bail)óboth through provocations from my wife. Sheís now threatening to file for a U-Visa as a victim of domestic violence, if I donít stall the divorce proceedings until she gets a green card as a dependent.
Given that the incidents were quite small and I was never even arraigned, let alone prosecuted, does she have a chance in getting a U-Visa?
Can her application for a U-Visa lead to problems for me with my AOS? My immigration lawyers are telling me that Iíll very probably have to go to an interview and that and DV issues on my record could pose huge problems, but Iím not sure to what extent they may be too cautious.

Thanks in advance!