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Thread: What do I do if I suspect marriage fraud?

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    What do I do if I suspect marriage fraud?

    A family member of mine met someone 2 years ago from another country while they were here on a temporary visa. They got to know each other and eventually got married. My family member was sincere when she met and got to know him and thought he was sincere in return. She filed paperwork to get him a green card and to eventually get him naturalized. Within a year of their marriage, my family member began to suspect that he only married her to become a US citizen. A few months after their marriage it became clear that he did not care for her and in fact they separated. They proceeded to get a divorce and things were settled in court.

    All feelings aside, is there anything that can be done or should be done to prevent this person from becoming fully naturalized? He currently has a green card and my family member has submitted paperwork to immigration showing that they are no longer married, but is there anything else that should be done? Is there anything that I can do to report him? Should he be reported to ICE? If so, does my family member run the risk of negative legal action? She was in no way aware of his intention or was she a willing participant in this fraud.

    Thanks in advance for any help and or advice.

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    Any advice is appreciated

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