This is information from the previous lawyer

priority date: 08/30/2005
Cut off: 07/27/2010

my nephew's birthday is 2/13/1994. It's part of F3 case sponsored by my father, citizen.

Per this attorney, he should be eligible but when I received the fee bill, he's left out. When the fee bill came out, he said his job is completed and talk to another attorney if there is any issue. I am not sure if he didn't do what was supposed to do or anything. Per bulletin I read, CSPA has to be pursued within an year of I-130 approval. I am not sure if this can be corrected if there was anything wrong.

how do I find out the I-130 approval date?
Since I just got the fee bill two weeks, is it the approval date?

Is there any form I need to submit to NVC so that I can get my nephew back to the immigration processing?

Any help will be appreicated