My parents will be in USA by end of May on B1 visitor visa and I want to apply GC for them while they are in USA. They have been to USA on this same visa once before in 2012 for 3 months. I will apply their GC only after they have been in US for 90 days to stay clear of the 60-day rule.

My parents do not have birth certificates. Therefore, they will get non-availability certificates as well as two affidavits each from people that potentially witnessed their birth. My question is that if we get all these documents now, will the immigration officer question as to why they came to the US with all the documents required for GC?

While our relatives can get the affidavits made after my parents are already in USA for atleast 60 days and courier then to us in USA, the non-availability certificates will require an application from my parents and have to be made now.

Is it fine if the non-availability certificates are dated just before my parents enter US and the affidavits will be dated 60 days later. Or, are we over thinking this?