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Thread: Anyone !!!!!!Chicago office ???

  1. #1
    Hi All,
    I am awaiting my AOS interview with the INS here in Chicago, IL. It is been more then 13 months now and still no sign of finger printing nor any letters nor interview. Any one here from Chicago? Has anyone received anything from Chicago office? Thanks for all your help guys. My receipt date was 7/19/02. Please post your experiences here from Chicago office.


  2. #2
    raju? raju? with a name like that,do you really think they care? you are lucky you are here,why are you complaing,if you dont like it,go back to your rice patties and pick rice

  3. #3
    Raju, please don't pay any attention to kk (actually all he needs is another k to make his name the kkk, a racist, white supremist group in the US). His message of racism and prejudice does not belong to many of us. I'm truly sorry you have to deal with this **** in our country but please know there are many of us who do to feel this way. Good luck to you.

  4. #4
    raju,dont listen to billiedance,with a name like that,he is a *** man

  5. #5
    I just love this - you continue to show your extreme ignorance. I'm a woman you fool.

  6. #6
    Hello is there anyone here from Chicago please??


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