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Thread: How to Cancel the Green Card ?

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    How to Cancel the Green Card ?

    I'm US citizen
    My wife came to US 12 months ago, got CR green card.
    Now she ran out of house with passport, green card and social security card, and police caught her on road.
    She gave false statement that i slapped her.
    Police Arrested me for Misdemeanor, i got bailed out next day, gave out restraining orders.
    My wife went to Shelter for few days.
    Court Let me go without any charges because there was no proof.
    City Police Sent me letter saying there are No Charges against me and Case is closed.

    Now my wife is back to me.
    Can I send her Back to India and Get her Green card cancelled and HOW ??
    Last edited by Confusedd; 02-01-2017 at 12:56 AM.

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    She is not your cattle. You cannot "send her" anywhere. If there are irreconcilable problems in the relationship between the two of you, you can divorce. Her immigration status is between her and the government and is not for you to "cancel". Unless the marriage was originally not genuine, there is no reason why she would have to lose her status.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.

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    **newacct - you are a nasty guy / woman. if you already left the same reply for same question on other forum, why the Fffff you left the same message here ?? What you want to prove by pin pointing particular words ? That shows you are just passing time and never want to help people.. just stay away from my problem. People come on these Kind of FORUMS for solutions NOT for your LECTURES.
    Even CATTLE is better than CHEATERS.
    While she was in india before marriage, She was having boyfriend in new york, who is illegal in usa.
    So, she got married to me / used me to come here in usa.
    I just got to know this thing on 2nd Nov 16, when i caught her red handed doing bullshit over the phone.
    after that the argument started ..!! she also stole $18000 from my store.
    Thats why i want her to send back to india... but actually KICK her out of usa.
    Ofcourse I will divorce her for sure but on right time..!!
    I never wanted to write these things in main question.. but ..!!
    Anyways, Please guide, if any body has a good solution.
    But Please.. for god sake.. NO LECTURES --- NO Pin Pointing particular Words. !!
    Last edited by Confusedd; 02-02-2017 at 01:26 AM.

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    Hello, and i'm really sorry to say but you can't cancel the green card issued by the US government because now she's also a citizen, i know that she cheating on you but i suggest you to let her go and start a new life,

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