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Thread: EAD Renewal: Life/Lulac

  1. #1
    My EAD, which I got through Lulac /Life from the MSC, will be expired on May 31st 2003. My I-485 is still pending and transfered to NY from MSC on July 10th 2002.
    I applied to renew my EAD on March 31st 2003 at MSC. I have received a later from MSC to do my finger print again which I did it last Saturday.
    Is it the procedure that I have to take finger print every time I renew my EAD?
    How long it will take to get the EAD from the MSC?

  2. #2

    Yes, you have to go through fingerprints everytime and usually it takes 4 to 6 weeks after fingerprints to get your EAD.

    Best Wishes.

  3. #3
    Do we have to pay for the second fingerprint or it's free.

  4. #4
    I wish . I had to pay $120.

  5. #5
    Rafi, the $120.00 that's for the work card not for the fingerprint, the fingerprint you should be $50.00. Do you think we have to pay $50.00 for anther fingerprint or not.
    AZ Did you pay for the second fingerprint for the EAD.

  6. #6
    $120 is all you have to pay so i guess fingerprints are free. Who says nothing comes for free.

  7. #7
    I sent my EAD application three months ago; today I receive a letter saying
    Please submit 2 ADIT type photos of yourself
    Does anybody know what ADIT means? Thanks

  8. #8
    Green card (ADIT style) photographs (NOT passport photographs).

    Greencard photo should have 3/4 of your face and right ear visible, with 1 inch of head portion visible. For ladies in US consulate (green card) photos no ear-rings should be worn. Many people are asked even to remove the glasses. If you normally wear glasses, you should wear them at the time of the photograph, unless specifically asked to remove. The person must not be wearing any hat or turban unless it is mandatory in religion like Sardarji etc.

    Photo studio takes at least a day or two for green card photos.

    To Find Detailed Instructions with Sample Photographs Go To This Website:

    Go to someone who has some experience. If the photographer knows what has to be done, he himself will tell you the specifications instead of you explaining it to him.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Of Luck!

  9. #9
    Hi folks:
    Something very interesting happened.

    I just got a letter (An official receipt) from BCIS TEXAS center (where I applied under LULAC Late AMnesty) that stay that my application for EAD renewal was received on May 16, 2003. Gave me all the receipt numbers etc..FEE WAIVED, etc... all my name, address, A#. etc are all correct.


    I was planning to apply for the renewal only in June 03, because my original EAD does not expire until October 15, 2003.

    Then, I checked online using that new receipt number today. GUESS WHAT???? iT SAYS, APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL APPROVED MAY 23, 03---new EAD CARD has been ordered and will be sent soon.

    Are they giving all the pending LULAC Late Amnesty cases automatica renewals until their cases are adjudicated??
    Does anyone know anything about this at all???

  10. #10

    Many private immigration services do take photos for 5 bucks a piece and $10 for the required 2 photos for your EAD application. My mother took hers a month ago and she was able to receive them right on the spot after waiting for about 5 mins for the photos to dry.

    Good Luck!!!

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