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Thread: I-601A or waiver

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    I-601A or waiver

    I came here 2013 last year as a fiance visa but unfortunately we didn't get married within 3mos. And I over stayed. 2015 I got married and this year my husband and I filed for petition. We submit documents for the waiver but the immigration send a letter that our documents is not enough to proof extreme hardship. So now we got his statement from the psychiatrist regarding he will suffer health issues just in case we separated for 10yrs. We try our best to yo proof hardship once he move to Philippines but I think it's still not enough. We rent an apt now he had car loan and that's all. We don't have kids yet. And we need to submit it before November 21st. Is there anyway that we can gather more documents or evidence and do you think they will deny it? Once it's deny doing need to go back to my country as soon as possible?thank you for the future response.

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    You married the person who petitioned you for the K-1? or married a different person?

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    I married a different person. It's not the one who brought me here.

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