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Thread: All Forms Needed to File I-129K??

  1. #1
    I am a USC and engaged to a man from Guyana. We are just now getting into the paperwork involved with marrying here in the States (CA) and it's overwhelming. I want to make sure I have all the appropriate forms when we initially submit. I have the I-129F and the DS-156 and DS-156K. Anything else? Do I need affadavits from people saying our engagement/relationship is legit? I can get them without a problem but are they absolutely necessary at this point? Does anyone have an opinion as to whether getting married overseas then applying for a Visa for him is any better/faster than petitioning/applying for the fiance visa then getting married here? I'd rather marry here with my family than abroad. Thanks for any help. Glad I found this site.

  2. #2
    If the person you are engaged to is in the US also then you do not need I-129F. You can get married and then just file for adjustment of status and the other papers. but I-129F is use donly if the person who you are engaged to is out side the USA.

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    Cynthia, it appears you are getting ahead of yourself if you are just starting the petition for your fiance (if I read your posting correctly). What you need is the form I-129F and the instructions. You need to carefully read the instructions and check off each document you have. Organize your application and send all the supporting documentation requested. The USC will need a birth certificate or naturalization papers; divorce certificates for both parties (translated into English if in another language), birth certificate for your foreign fiance (translated into English); pictures that meet the specifications (ADIT or immigration pictures) and proof that you have met in person (pictures, emails, plane tickets, itineraries, etc.) G-325A biographical data on both parties and original statements from both parties of your intent to marry within 90 days in the US. This is not a difficult process if you carefully read the instructions. I would also go to the BCIS website and read the section on putting your application packet together. Good luck

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    Bille and V - Thanks for the advice. He is outside of the country. The orginal statement from both of us stating our intent - so, we just write a paragraph or two explaining that we do want to get married? Is that it?

    Thanks again!

  5. #5
    Correct. You can explain the details of how you met if you wish and be sure to say that you intend on marrying each other within 90 days of his entry into the US - it's one of the requirements. Good luck

  6. #6 dont need a copy of the foreign fiancee's birth certificate until you get to the embassy or consulate interview. Then you will need an original or certified copy with the raised seal.

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    Thanks. I was wondering about his birth cert. He'll just need to bring it with him to the consulate, right? I won't need it for anything I'm doing here in the US?

    Now, I have another question, how does anyone plan a wedding when no one knows how long the process will take and when the fiance/finacee will get here? Just curious.

  8. #8
    If you're smart you will not plan a wedding now or you may be sorely disappointed and it could be costly. There is no way of knowing how long your process will take -- it could take 9-10 months. If you're planning a big wedding you can start making plans (picking out flowers, cakes, dresses, etc) but don't secure a facility unless they are flexible and don't set a definite date until you know when your fiance will be here. Good luck.

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