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Thread: Processing Times Website

  1. #1
    Does anyone know if the information on this site is accurate on processing times or if there is any other websites that also post the processing times?

  2. #2
    Does anyone know if the information on this site is accurate on processing times or if there is any other websites that also post the processing times?

  3. #3
    Also, I would like to know if there is anyway that you can find out what/where to find out your status of your case if your lawyer filed for you.
    They are saying that there is no way of checking but I wanted to be sure.
    Thanks again

  4. #4
    well, im new to this too..and im not so sure its accurate...but it seems to be working fine. honestly im in the same situation,,ive been told there is no way to find my status and that the only way would be to call INS and ask ...but frankyl im too scared to do so. wouldnt want to start something...maybe we should just look around and ask some lawyers here on the forum. well reply if you find another way i would really like to know what you find out..and ill share what i come upon with you. thanks bye bye.

  5. #5
    How long have you been waiting for interview and what state do you live in?

  6. #6
    I don't know about a web-site, but I have contacted my Senators about my situation. If you have a receipt number or a case number, thay can contact the service center on your behalf and find out information for you.

  7. #7
    im not waiting for an interview,, not yet though. im in michigan right now...listen you have an instant messenger??

  8. #8
    Thanks for your help, we just contacted BCIS and he told us that the office gets cases done in 15 months from the date you file and if it goes over that then to call back ASAP.

    Gueatemalan, sorry I don't have a instant messenger. What kind of documents are you waiting for and how long?

    Thanks all!

  9. #9
    well, thats the thing i havent started to do anything because i dont want to sturr things up.. im trying to get some more information and see what i can do.. i dont know if youve read my poll but im 18 been here since i can remember and have no papers!! my parents wont tell me where i left off. want to get married but dont know if i should...>>?? what do you think i should do?!

  10. #10
    guatamalan.....i dont have any information for you, other than i am also in michigan. i have a case filed for my fiance with the bcis. i hope you find some answers. good luck to you

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