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Thread: green card lottery

  1. #1
    If a person has overstayed here, can he/she still apply for the Green Card lottery?

  2. #2
    You can apply but if you win you must go to your country to get it, and when you get back you can barred because of your overstay.

    I think however you can file a waiver to see if they will forgive your overstay, and let you in to get the green card.

  3. #3
    Are you sure about that? I thought the overstay is only forgiven when you marry a USC.

  4. #4
    To be eligable for the DVD lotto, you must be admissiable, as an overstay in the U.S. you're deportable as well as inadmissiable. Depending on how long you overstayed you can't qualify for the lotto for 3, 5, 10 or 20 yrs. once you have left the U.S.

  5. #5
    What if you're married to USC but unable to adjust status because certain visa types won't allow.Can I apply for Green Card lottery?

  6. #6
    If you're unable to adjust your status based on your marriage to a USC, I don't know what other visa would be available to you if any at all (?)

  7. #7
    So do that mean it's better off to not apply?? bcos if someone happens to win but have overstayed. INS will find out taht that person has overstayed and may deport him/her??

  8. #8
    Someone pls help answer my questions....

  9. #9
    One of my friend had been illegal when he won the lottery.
    It took him longer (1.5 yrs.) but with the help of a lawyer he got the greencard. I would consult a lawyer. Good luck!

  10. #10
    Thanks bmmer. I think it's possible with the help of the lawyer. Now does your friend have to leave the US first then come back in??

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