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Thread: Deletion of a POE withdrawn entry request record

  1. #1
    It happened in a visa waiver country, Canada to be exact. I have received the FOIA file. It has lots of misunderstood info, which is incorrect.
    Does any body know, how to delete or modify this info. Where to write? any forms to fill? fee required.

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    It happened in a visa waiver country, Canada to be exact. I have received the FOIA file. It has lots of misunderstood info, which is incorrect.
    Does any body know, how to delete or modify this info. Where to write? any forms to fill? fee required.

  3. #3
    For this you will need to consult some Attorney who practices Law in Canada.
    Good luck.

  4. #4
    Hi. Let me clarify something, were you entering the United States from Canada or were you entering Canada?

    Either way, one of the most important things that you will need is any documentation that you obtained at the border. At some point in order to make any corrections you will probably have to deal direct with the port of entry.

    I am not sure how much I can help you, however (especially if you were trying to enter the USA from Canada rather than trying to enter Canada) if you could provide any additional information regarding exactly what transpired at the POE, , I or another person might be able to think of something else.

    If you believe that there has been an error, Umesh is right, you will also want to look into consulting with a lawyer.

  5. #5
    Its was famous OUT POSTS of US INS, which perform pre-inspection before you board the plane. The record I receievd are from US INS (Now BCIS). Any help in this matter is appreciated. Can I do it at my own w/o a US Lawyer?

  6. #6
    Probably, they were suspecting that on the basis, that I had lived in US before I received my Landed Immigrant Status in Canada. I had an expired H1B in my passport too. I moved to Canada before H1B expired. Wanted to come back to get my stuff but was stopped and was given two options

    a) Give a sworn statement to a DOJ Officer.

    b). Withdraw my entry application.

    I informed the inspector, that since I do not know the "ramafication" of my sworn statement without my lawyer present, I would like to with draw my application.
    I was given back my passport and was sent back to terminal building, where I took Taxi and came back to home in Toronto.

    Much later, I married a USC and now am CPR.
    I want to remove this record as it causes problems every time I enter as CPR (just questioning in secondry inspection room). Lets delete it and get on with my life.

  7. #7
    I think that being able to do it at all will depend a great deal on the documentation that you still have in your possession. It is a good idea to at least consult a lawyer to see what they say.

    You can however attempt a few days worth of calling in order to speak directly with immigration officials from the "POE"... but that may or may not be fruitful depending on who you speak to.

    Also, depending on the nature of the situation and any connections you have in the USA (if you do not have any relatives that are USC this is pretty much an impossible route) but there might also be some hope from a senator.

    But as previously stated, a lot will depend on what exactly occured at the POE and what documentation you have retained.

  8. #8
    thanks for the info.

    Do you possess any documentation? Secondly, where exactly are you living now, canada or the states? I am justcurious, but it almost sounds as if you have two permanent residencies (which I thought was impossble...)

  9. #9
    alos what type of misinformation is in the FOA - does it indicate that you were deported?

  10. #10
    I acquired Canadian Citizen ship and later US PR.
    I live in US for last three years. This POE incident occured 5 or 6 years ago.

    No, they did not put any stamp in the passport. The records state that I had an expired H1B and a US Driving license and thus highly likely an immigrant intent. Denied Entry.

    Firstly, I did not have an immigrant intent at that time. It can not be substantiated that by having a US DL Licnese, while you had lived in US for previous three years, you could end up living in US. Secondly, expired H1B is expired, nothing to do with immig intent.
    The most egregious statement is denied entry. I withdrew application and was specifically given that option. I know, its my statement against Inspector statment, but can we set the record straight. I am willing to gire a lawyer, if it has to be. any expert opinion?

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