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Thread: Dual Citizenship?

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    What's the process for getting dual citizenship? I'm a British citizen, and a LPR through marriage.

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    What's the process for getting dual citizenship? I'm a British citizen, and a LPR through marriage.

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    The US Government will make you surrender your British Passport once you become a citizen. They might also tell you that you can't hold a dual citizenship. However, that is not true. Only the British Government can take away your British citizenship and they (I believe) do allow dual citizenship (Canada does)...

    So just surrender your passport when they (BCIS) ask for it and simply reappy for a new passport back in England... Then you can pick and choose which passport you travel under depending on circumstances...


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    Thanks ARQU,

    My fiance and I were just talking about that. Can anyone substanciate ARQU's claim?


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    Sure - Simply call your embassy and ask them. They will give you a definative answer (which is country specific).


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    I've never heard that the US govenment makes you surrender your old passport. Basically, they just ignore your other citizenship and it's up to that country whether or not they let you keep it. (you would need to renounce any inherited title)

    Because the US does not recognize dual citizenship, all US citizens are required to use their US passport when entering or leaving the US. (also, if you were to get arrested, your right to contact the British Embassy would not be recognized.)

    Other than that, you should be OK.

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    FYI - A friend of mine (Russian) just got his citizenship (2 months ago) and was forced to hand over his old passport...


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    This is an interesting thread. I have not heard about surrendering current passports, but, in the light of oath of American citizenship, this makes sense. The first sentence of the oath involves renouncement of any allegiances owed to other countries. Because of that, acquiring US citizenship should be considered carefully. Most people do not seem to pay attention to this, but threre are ramifications of spoken words. Aside of ethics and conscience of renouncement of one's birthplace, other countries might require their citizens to enter on their native passports. If the original passport is taken away, it might take months to get a replacement. When coupled with identical requirement of American citizens when they travel abroad, this might require traveling with two passports. In the era of interconnected world and more people moving around the planet, the notion of a single allegiance is becoming outdated. Let's hope more and more countries move to official recognizance that their own citizens might hold dual or triple allegiances.

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    Well, my biggest concern is how litigous the U.S. is. I would hate to be having a happy life, and be 15 years into the marriage, and through an accident, my wife be charged with a crime. Let's say she's driving down the road, and a kid jumps out. She could be charged with a felony if it's deemed she's not paying attention. Then, she'd be deported.

    Accidents happen. The BCIS doesn't care. She's not a professional athlete, so she WOULD be deported if she wasn't a citizen. That's my fear. The thing is, she doesn't want to give up her British citizenship, which makes perfect sense. You'd think there would be a happy middle ground somewhere.

    Anyway, that's the part that scares me.

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    This is an interesting topic. I'm new in US due to my marriage with US citizen. I love my country dearly. I want to be here because I love him and want to be with him. I like US but I love my country so much that I told him directly that I'm not going to surrender my other citizenship coz' you won't know what will happen in the future. Ppl can change and I you have to think about bad things too. Of course we are so happily married, but who knows something might happen. In my situation, I'm here because of love. But for who, who wanted new life and new 'rebirth' they might don't think twice to surrender their other citizenship. But once it happened, nothing can changed back. The only thing scared me is I'm going to be an alien in my 'birth' and own country where my whole beloved family are.

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