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Thread: Anyone Travelled on AP while out of status and come back? PLEASE share

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    I amtravelling on AP in a few months but been out of status. I MUST go home for a few weeks so want to know if anyone has been in my situation. I was out of status for a while but now waiting on AOS interview but need to travel abroad.

    How much of risk is it? Do you know of anyone who has travelled on AP and come back wihtout any problems and they had been out of status before? thanks you a lot.

  2. #2
    If you were out of status for 180 days or more, you won't be able to come back for 3 years.

    If you were out of status for 365 days or more, you won'y be able to come back for 10 years.

    Did you get AP after filling AOS following a marriage to a USC?

    If yes, and you were out of status for less than 180 days, you should be fine.

    But most of the time it all depends of the INS Officer at the POE...some are nicer than others.

  3. #3
    What about if the AOS was filed under section 245(i) with the $1000 penalty? Still a problem to come back with AP? Thanks

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    You should be aware that AP can only be used in case of urgent matters and not for just familyvisits.

    Mist people don't have a problem coming back but if they question you at the POE and refuse you entry your AOS application will be considered abandonned as you will be barred for at least 3 years.

    So carefully consider your options.

    Good luck.

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