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Thread: Family/ Immgigration Issue - Please advice

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    Family/ Immgigration Issue - Please advice

    Hello members,

    I need help and suggestions. I am in a miserable situation.
    I got married 1 year back. I got my Conditional GC. Ours is a Bona fide marriage, we both entered this marriage in good faith.
    But lately we cannot get along each other, always fight everyday and out lives became like hell. So, I decided to get out of this relationship and want a divorce.
    We both earn same salary (105k) each.

    Here is the problem, my husband and his father are very stubborn.
    We had a loan for out house for 800k and also they have some affidavits created saying that my husband owes 1 million to some other person.
    So, what they are saying is, if we get divorced, I need to pay half of the loan and also settle the house mortgage.

    There is no physical abuse involved. Only mental and oral abuse. except 1 thing, in the first month of marriage me and my husband had a big fight and he had hit me with an i pad, I got a scar on my face. I didnot took seriously, he apologized in email. From then onwards, he is caring and no physical abuse.

    1) How can I get a divorce with out paying the loan and mortgage money which I am not responsible for.
    2) Even if I get a divorce, can I still get my P. green card?

    I am not sure, how can I prove mental/ oral abuse. Please advise.
    I do not need alimony, just get out of the marriage without paying loans, I am not responsible for and need my GC.

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    1. You need to consult a divorce lawyer about these things. They are unrelated to immigration.
    2. Yes. You need to apply for Removal of Conditions on the basis of divorce after the divorce is final.

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