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Thread: 'Human Shields'

  1. #1
    why does Bush wants to go to war so bad against IRAQ?
    oil? religion? freedom?
    this war will make all of us life so miserable, look at the gas price! $1.73 for regular.

  2. #2
    why does Bush wants to go to war so bad against IRAQ?
    oil? religion? freedom?
    this war will make all of us life so miserable, look at the gas price! $1.73 for regular.

  3. #3
    Buch simply does not care about the middle class. He's pro rich and pro corporate America.

  4. #4
    Their are some personal reason.
    His father had an assisnation attack while visting kuwait after Kuwait libration. its a personal fight which diverted to national fight.
    Nation is suffering. stock are way low , econoimy is hurting. many layoff. He is pumping the money towards war, national security. sooner funds will be empty.
    Also there is a task left behind from other presidents, to kill or overthorw saddam. this become political agenda for him and republican controls.
    you will see where we will endup.
    Even NATO is not supportive, UN is against, his half member is against the war,but he still want to go for it.
    We just finish( not really) Afgainstan, and now IRaq, then Korea, then Iran, Hope he will complete his presedency till then, OR worse.

  5. #5
    but what my fellow americans think of this?

  6. #6
    You should live in England...Gas prices are going up...3.68 a gallon, thats $5.96!!!

  7. #7
    What is the alternative to going to war? By not ousting Saddam Insane Iraq will end up in the same situation as North Korea; with nuclear capabilities and threatening to use them against the US. Then what will people say, we must get rid of Saddam!? Negotiations, politics, and the like will not solve anything. Saddam has proven himself to be untrustworthy and unable to fulfill his end of the bargain the first time around. We should have got rid of this character the second he kicked out the inspectors in 1998.
    As part of the UN, France is completely against the war because they have invested alot in Iraq. They have veto power in the UN and will more than likely not support the use of power.

    Enough with the "Bush comes from an oil family and wants the oil" nonsense. If this was the case, the U.S. would have occupied Iraq in 1991 and set up shop to get all their oil. Did we do that? Of course not. If the U.S. is such a violent and awful country, as alot of these protestors say, then why did we let Saddam live in the first place? We had Saddam in our hands literally and figuratively at the end of the first war. If our country is so evil we would have executed him on the spot along with all his troops. We did not do that. The U.S. tried the political, "good thing" thing the first time around, which I knew was a bad move. That blew up in our face, so we must get rid of this guy now.

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