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Thread: L2 visa

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    My boyfriend (he's a foreigner too) is currently in the US. I'm in Europe. We're not married yet.
    His case to change his status from B1 to L1A is pending.
    If I go and visit him with my B1/B2 tourist visa, and then we get married in Vegas for example, can I apply to change my B2 status to L2? Our should we get married in our country of residence and then apply?

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    If you will visit America and then get married here, it may take little longer to change your status. If you get married in your country, then it will be easy to get L2 Visa and will be very fast.
    Good luck

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    It doesn't matter how long it takes, the problem is that he can't travel home to marry me, because he has to run the business. The only thing that matters is to be with him. If we get married right after I arrive, and I apply for L2, while my petition is pending, I'm legally in the U.S. and I can be with him. Is this 100% legal? Can INS deny our petition for reasons like we're just got married, why are we married in the US, why are we married right after I arrived etc. ?

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    INS has changed the rules, now L Visas are issued in Home country only. Your fiance is here and he got adjusted his Visa from B-1/B-2 to L1 but if he wants to travel and come back, he will need L Visa stamp on his passport. Earlier people used to go to Cananda or Mexico to get L Visa Stamps but now Consulates there refuse to stamp L visas and the person has to go back to his home country and get L Visa. If you get married there then he does not have to submit any special petition, just you will have to go there with INS approval letter of his L1 and the Consulate will stamp you for L2.
    Good luck.

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    Thank you very much for your answers.
    As far as I know, there's a difference between the L1 approval, and the L1 visa stamp. He's status will change immediately after the approval.
    No visa stamp required (unlike H1B) to the status change, only if he wants to leave the country and then re-enter. I don't know if it's the same with spouses (L2).
    Your suggested solution is ok, but he's just submitted the petition, and it might take months to get approved. I can't wait that much, I miss him so much, and I would like to meet him ASAP.

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    L1 Visa petitions does not take much time, it is just a matter of couple of months, when he will get his L1, if all paper work is complete. You may visit him here under Visa Waiver Program if you a citizen of any EU country. For L2 you will just need to get married and show his approval letter at the consulate to get Visa.
    Good luck.

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    Please note that a tourist visa is for the purpose of coming to the USA TO VISIT. It is not
    for the purpose of getting married and then changing status from B-2 to L-2.

    If, however, you come to the USA with a B-2 VISA and get married within 60 days of arriving
    and file an application for change of status, you may be surprised to learn that INS may
    find that you entered the USA by fraud and may deny your application for change of status.

    If the marriage and the filing of the application for change of status take place AFTER 60
    days of arrival, then you might be successful in your application for change of status.

    FURTHER NOTE that persons who enter the USA a tourits without VISAS(WT), CANNOT change
    status at all.

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    against what a lot of people said about the Nebraska Service Center, my L1A visa application took a little more than 2 months time to get an reply from them. However, the reply from NSC was "Request for Evidence". they want to see more paperwork, like company structure and organizational structure of the company abroad and in the US and other things, that do not really apply for my company and I laid it out to them in my application really well even with pictures and so on.
    Also they want me to further, in detail explain how I was managing director in my company abroad for 1 year of the last 3 years while I laid that out in my application clearly by enclosing a original letter of my local chamber of commerce (written in english with stamp and all) that I am managing director since 1990 and listed as such in the trade register. Also I have payment stubs eclosed for the last 36 months, as monthly and yearly income statement and so on.
    I understand that dealing with the INS means dealing with government which means buereaucratic a lot, but they don't seem to understand basic things for example that nowadays I do business over the phone and internet, emails and fax over email and cellphone call forwarding.
    However I was pleased that it took them just about 2 month to issue a reply to me and it is from the director himself, so I got respect at least.
    Peace out and good luck to all.

  10. #10
    The B visa category means that someone is coming on a temporary visit. But if your only purpose for using the B visa is so that you can get to the US to marry your fiance, then this is a dual intent type of situation that is not allowed. Is there a chance for your fiance to come over one weekend and marry you in a foreign country? If so, you can go to the US consulate/embassy in your home country with his L-1A approval notice, a copy of the marriage certificate and a completed DS-156 with fee and photograph to obtain the L-2 (I suggest you read your own embassy or consulate's website, since consular procedures change all the times). L-2 visa holders are even allowed to work by filing Form I-756 to obtain an EAD.

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