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Thread: I-129F & I-601????

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    can the I-129F and the I-601 waiver be filed together for a spouse located overseas?

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    can the I-129F and the I-601 waiver be filed together for a spouse located overseas?

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    I am under the impression that they can be filed together, however I am actually wondering about something similar. Should they be filed together?

    Our consulting lawyer has not indicated that we need an I-129F, but I am thinking that we might need one (we are also filing the I-601) or at least that it might be the best idea. I think we are in order with all of the other forms, I am just not sure about this one.

    Can anyone help?

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    A spouse cannot be the beneficiary of an I 129F; that is for fiancee's. He or she will need an I 130 (and presumably an I 601 a bit later).
    An I 129F is not 'filed' overseas, but rather forwarded to a particualr consulate after approval by the INS. If your significant other is not your spouse yet, at his or her visa interview he/she can present the I601 (filled out by you) and the waiver request can be process in effect simultaneously.

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    Hi. I just called INS this morning... apparently the I-129F is standard procedure for a K-3 visa (spousal visa) when the I-130 has not already been approved. So therefore x, if your I-130 has been approved then you don'e need the I-129F, but if it has not been approved yet, you will need it.

    Although Anon has it correct that the I-129F is often considered to be a finace visa, it can also be used as a Spousal non-immigrant visa that allows for later adjustment of status and may therefore be somewhat quicker.

    or at least this is my understanding.

    Good luck

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    I-601 waiver should be applied when consular
    ask you to do so.

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    thanks everyone

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