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Thread: Why are illegal aliens getting heart transplants??

  1. #1
    This is a criminal act!! What about the legal citizens who are waiting and thus being deprived of a new chance at life.

  2. #2
    This is a criminal act!! What about the legal citizens who are waiting and thus being deprived of a new chance at life.

  3. #3
    huh? please provide a source or stop instigating.

  4. #4
    They are placed on the same list as citizens. It's all about who is compatible. It's hard to find matches.

  5. #5
    Here is an article x,

    Like that article says, it's an endless debate, just like so many other issues.

  6. #6
    Let me tell you something...

    a LIFE is a LIFE... does not matter if the person is black, white, blue, yellow, illegal or not...

    Now, my mother in law just passed away two weeks ago, the comited suicide since she was depress after her husband died three months ago.

    We found her when we got home, she shot her self in the head, the bullet went in on the left side, and came out on the left.
    Her brain was tottaly messed up, there was no chance to live.

    She was an organ donnor, after they pronunce her "legaly dead" LIFELINK, thats the name of the organization in charge of the transplans, they put her in "life support" to keep her organs in good shape until they find the right matches. Need to say she was hooked up to those machines almost for two days, they could place most of the organs to recipients on time, the help 45 people on her last wish.

    What you need to do is to read, or get information about the procces to follow to donate organs, i though like you before any of this happened, now.. i know its not as easy as i thought.

    You would be amazed of how many things can you donate besides the clasics like "heart, lungs, kindney, etc.." you can also donate skin, for burned people (ussualy kids), eyes, bones (ussualy the largest ones in the body)..!!!

    Besides that, i dont think there is a form to fill if you are donator where you can specify "Please i would like just to help legal people in this country".

    Now... what if you need a transplant in the future..? would you rather to die before acepting an organ from an illegal alien??

    Come'on !


  7. #7
    The bullet went in left side, came out RIGHT side

  8. #8
    awww some1mex I hope you and your wife are doing alright.

    There are so many people who need organs.

    Now the girl who just died has a website, and they build houses and sell them. The proceed will help critically ill children.
    The website is called Jesica's Hope Chest:

  9. #9
    the first poster's heart must be an amazing dark, something close to that dark scientist just manufactured which ***** up light as s/he would like to do to life!

    That you feel betrayed by a 17 yr. old girl's wish to live and that her family tried anything in their power to save her for the past 3-4 yrs. and now had to watch her die for some incredible mistake...

    Who knows? Perhaps the mistake was motivated by subcounscious increments not very unlike yours!

    You're a sorry soul and god may have mercy on you!

  10. #10
    please delete this girl died. second whats whith the prono advertisements here??

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