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Thread: General advice regarding I-134 and other issues for visa

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    General advice regarding I-134 and other issues for visa

    Hi everyone and thanks for reading. I'm currently trying to help a friend who was selected for the DV program navigate through the paperwork and requirements to successfully be accepted. I've considered contacting an immigration attorney on his behalf here in the states, though I'm not sure if it would be a waste of time and resources. What little I've been able to gather on my own hasn't be very helpful, to put it politely.

    As of this moment, the main issue is with the I-134 as everyone we currently know (including myself) fall just below the threshold of the poverty guidelines for income. Is there perhaps an alternate way or has anyone else had to navigate a similar situation? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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    This is something I believe only professional can help and it’s silly to say too much into this, I will recommend to contact ESTA service which I am also using it in routine, I believe they are pretty good people to contact given their professional service, so there you will be able to figure out all stuff related to Visa and I am sure whatever issue you are facing at the moment will be solved, so check it here and wishing your friend all the best. Cheers.

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