My PERM Date 11/25/2014 was denied with denial letter mailed on 06/04/2015 but my employer not received the letter mailed by USPS. (Not attorney evolved on the application).

REASON: incomplete. (a field have not the correct information format)

On 09/04/2015 my employer received a copy with the ANPC Permanent program HelpDesk. The email state that a letter was send 06/04/2015 and ETA received no return mail for the correspondence. The denial letter copy not have Determination date anywhere.

Could my employer apply Request for consideration o Request for Review? although We are more than 30 day of the letter mailed.
Is recommendable fill out a Request for consideration for that DENIAL REASON: Incomplete where a field have the not correct data and in correct format?

The incorrect field is: Section J-13, Was typed a incorrect number (18) must be 1998.

I need help of all your comments