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Thread: Is there a way to "flag" a foreigned and prevent from getting a Visa

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    Is there a way to "flag" a foreigned and prevent from getting a Visa


    So, I have a situation where someone is ruining my marriage and tries to enter US. This person has been already denied a tourist visa a few months ago and is already working on improving his "ties" to home country and will re-apply soon. Is there a way I could tip USCIS(?) that this person's intent is not nonimmigrant and plans to stay here and eventually lead to our divorce in hope to get a GC later?. I try to save my marriage any way I can (especially, for the sake of our child) and him coming would make our attempts to work it out much more difficult.

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    Yes, send your information to U.S. Customs and Border Protection: and the State Department Embassy where that person lives:

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