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    Dear Sammy, My name is Jorge and I'm really concerned for what I just realized minutes ago. I'm running a N-400 application and I already mailed this to USCIS 2 weeks ago but, checking over the form I found a ridiculous mistake that I did when in page 18 with the questions starting from "Do you support the system of goverment of the U.S." and any other questions like If I'm willing to do the oath, for any reason I marked them all with "NO" instead of the obvious "YES" I had to stand.
    My question is, what should I do now that the form has been sent? I received the charged off of the fee they require in which I assume they received and started the process. Will this affect my naturalization petition? Is there any chance for me to fix this misunderstood?

    I'll be more than glad to read your profesional advice and certanily sleep again.

    Sincerily, Jorge.

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    You are usually allowed to amend your application at the interview. You can explain your innocent error and the Officer will probably let you switch the answer. You really want to retract that answer at the first opportunity you have, so in this case as soon as you get an interview.
    Joseph B. Caraccio

    This response does not constitute legal advice and it does not establish an attorney-client relationship. I am not your lawyer and you should not rely on anything written above. I recommend you meet with an attorney.

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