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Thread: Photo ID Requirements for GC Renewal Biometrics Appointment

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    Photo ID Requirements for GC Renewal Biometrics Appointment

    My family has biometrics appointments scheduled next week for the renewal of our Green Cards that are expiring in 5 months. The photo of my child (now age 15) on his existing GC is very outdated and will likely be deemed unacceptable for ID purposes [I forgot to file I-90 when he turned 14]. His foreign passport is currently being processed, and he does not yet have a State Drivers License. The only photo ID he has is a High School ID card. Should I reschedule his appointment after he has received his passport and new driver's permit? I'm looking for advice. Thanks!

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    Can you go to the drivers license office and get a State ID? That would be acceptable.

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    Thank you for the good idea. We will try to get the State ID card tomorrow.

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    Were you able to get your state ID?

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    Thank you for asking. My son received his temporary GA Driver's Permit on Friday, which was accepted as valid photo ID at the ATL USCIS ACS office this morning. We filed our I-90 renewal apps on 06/09, and have now completed biometrics. USCIS also placed extension stickers on each GC (valid for 9 months from today). Hopefully now it's just a waiting game for the new GCs to arrive.

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