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Thread: Have ex on tape admitting to immigration fraud and domestic abuse. Can I use this?

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    Have ex on tape admitting to immigration fraud and domestic abuse. Can I use this?

    My ex is from South Korea. She married me to get citizenship--- and has explained this at length, going into her motives in detail, and bragging that she tricked me and I never suspected until it was too late. She also says on tape that she may, in the future, try to do this again, if she can find a man who has an additional citizenship in a country she's interested in.

    I also have her on tape admitting that she repeatedly hit me and tried to run me over with her car during the course of our marriage, and that she did most of the physical abuse in front of our young son. (She has also told me our son was "an accident," and that she "never wanted him," but sadly, I don't have this on tape.)

    She's not aware that I taped her, but I live in a one-party-taping state.

    I have written evidence that she tried to "sell" my son back to me, saying she'd waive all custody and visitation if I paid her $10,000 and gave her a car. I declined to do this, as a family lawyer advised me that such a deal was unenforceable--- she could take the money and sue fir full custody or maintain her right to half.

    Unfortunately, she applied for citizenship a month after adjusting her status, and she HAS citizenship now. She also has half custody/placement of our son. She has repeatedly threatened to kidnap him. He also regularly comes home from her house with bruises. When I ask him how it happened, he gets very upset and says he doesn't know. (He's five years old.) To make matters even worse, she has been refusing to do the paperwork to ensure our divorce and custody agreement is recognized in her home country--- meaning if she manages to take him back there, I'd have to pay 20K or so to file a Hague Kidnap Convention complaint.

    Is there anything I can do about this at this point to get her deported? I've already tried child protective services, and they say I haven't gotten enough evidence to get emergency sole custody or even initiate a child welfare investigation. (And yes, they've heard the tapes where she admits to hurting me--- they say violence against *me* is a non-issue in child protection.) I want to protect myself and my son, and I can't think of any particular reason my ex *deserves* to stay in US. But USCIS doesn't seem to have anythign other than an email tip line. Everyone I talked to at the USCIS call center told me there's no way I can meet with an actual human being to explain the situation. They have also assured me that "likely nothing" will be done, since my ex already has citizenship.


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    @DanielBaily .. . . You had me going there until you said, "Unfortunately, she applied for citizenship a month after adjusting her status, and she HAS citizenship now." There is no way on God's green earth that she could have applied for citizenship a month after adjusting her status. Period.

    @Federale86 . . . . can you explain to all of us the basis for your answer, "Yes, provide a copy to USCIS!"? Do you know what are the federal laws and regulations regarding the admissibility of taped statements? If so, please share those with us . . . . uh, didn't think so.

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    @Intecon--- On your second comment, my sentiments exactly. Does anyone know how I can make absolutely sure that this comes to USCIS' attention?

    Regarding your first comment, she definitely did begin her citizenship application process a month after status adjustment. She didn't GET citizenship a month after status adjustment. Just began the process.
    Last edited by DanielBailey; 08-03-2015 at 01:13 PM.

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