Comment: AILA 2015 Elections

One of the free services that newspapers offer their readership is coverage of governance issues. For newspapers serving the professions in the USA, this frequently means covering not just happenings in government concerning regulation affecting readers (as distinct from readers' clients), but also covering happenings in the professional associations serving a particular profession. In the case of Immigration Daily and the immigration lawyer community, this means covering events of particular note in AILA governance. Consistent with this general tradition, we have invariably offered all candidates to competitive offices in AILA elections access to our readers - to get the word out about matters which they wish to engage the immigration bar on. We have never charged for this, nor will we ever charge for this. Furthermore, should a specific candidate wish to revise his/her campaign material, we are happy to carry as many revisions as are sent to us (a small number of candidates will submit a short statement to us initially, followed by a lengthier piece later in the election season), there is no charge for carrying multiple revisions. Historically, over 90% of candidates for competitive AILA elections have sent us their campaign material. Pursuant to this history, we invited all candidates for competitive AILA offices in the elections coming up to send us their campaign statements. We carry below those statements we have received so far (should a candidate who has not so far sent us his/her statement do so in the future, we will be pleased to carry their statement in upcoming issues of Immigration Daily).

Statements submitted from candidates running for Secretary: Jennifer Minear, Allen Orr, Tania Silva, Matthew Udall

Statements submitted from candidates running for AILA Board of Governors: Sarah Z. Brown, Bryon Large, Farshad Owji, Amy L. Peck, Heather L. Poole, Kenneth K. Schmitt


Blogging: Should US Follow Foreign Restrictions On Birthright Citizenship? By Roger Algase

News: USCIS Message on Citizenship and Integration Grant Program Application Deadline

Focus: Recruiting and Lateral Moves

ILW has experience in doing recruiting for law firms (this is NOT Immigration Daily Help Wanted ads, but full service recruiting similar to head hunting firms, but at a lower price.) We specialize in recruiting at the Associate Attorney level. We offer different levels of service depending on the client's needs: We can receive and filter resumes; Conduct telephonic interviews; Setup face to face interviews with the law firm, etc. We also help with Partner level lateral moves; but this is usually as part of marketing arrangement for a firm. For more information write to us at

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: Roger Algase, Nolan Rappaport, Dolores X. San Giorgio, ESQ., Alvarez

ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event

May 12, 2015, 3 - 4pm (Eastern). U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will hold a stakeholder teleconference to discuss the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designations for Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. During this teleconference, USCIS officials will explain the registration procedures, provide information on EADs and fee waivers, and respond to your questions and concerns. For more information and participattion instructions see here.

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