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Thread: green card

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    green card

    been married to a us citizen for 3 years now,do i file for a green card or permanent residence permit ?

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    I-130 application

    Quote Originally Posted by valentino collins View Post
    been married to a us citizen for 3 years now,do i file for a green card or permanent residence permit ?
    You would need to complete the I-130 application in order to be approved for permanent resident status and obtain a green card.

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    If you are married to a U.S. citizen than you can enjoys an unusual benefit: Instead of spending five years as a lawful permanent resident before applying to naturalize, you need to spend only three years – so long as you were married to, and living with the U.S. citizen for the entire three years.

    www. mynaturalization. com

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    I got my Green Card thru marriage back in 2010. My GC expires in 2020
    and we are heading towards a divorce. Providing divorce is finalized
    by 2020, would I still be able to renew my GC? His job sponsored his

    A little background of myself: I am an Indian citizen. I came to US in
    2004 after marriage. I am currently working. I would not prefer going
    for a 'naturalized citizenship' as you are aware that I can't hold
    dual citizenship being an Indian passport holder. I still have my
    family members in India and I visit them every year.

    Please advise what the best course of action would be.

    Thank you!

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    Records Ramps

    This website should lead you to the answers/counselors Tara123:

    alllaw . com/articles/nolo/us-immigration/can-permanent-resident-lose-green-card-after-divorce.html

    In general, when reviewers look at employment/residence records of new green card holders and those who received GCs through marriage (and then recently divorced), they look for signs of credible behavior and residency patterns. If a person gets a GC and then divorces and lives in an immigration and traffic-infested area such as New Orleans (Louisiana) or Miami (Florida), then he/she may be reviewed more closely.

    It does seem that behavior for GC holders through marriage must be somewhat more diligent. One of my relatives has a dual citizenship in America (through marriage) and a foreign country too like yours and can't relinquish her other passport. She tries to keep all of her employment records very handily available for review.

    Hope that helps!



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