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Thread: Marriage Document Translation Question

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    Marriage Document Translation Question

    Hi, I am an American citizen and have married a Chinese national in China. I have applied for an I-130 petition for Spousal Citizenship, and have received a request for additional evidence of marriage. One of the requirements is that I have a complete translation of the marriage document. I noticed on the letter they sent me complete was bolded and underlined. So far I have translated by just the "meat and potatoes" page of the Chinese marriage document I received from the Chinese marriage office in Guangzhou. I say meat and potatoes, because it's got the marriage document number, says who I am and who I just married and the date of our marriage. The other few pages of the document are just basically stationery.
    Do you think if I don't get the cover page translated that probably says it's a marriage document (duh) and the subsequent pages that probably sport some Chinese poetry (no unique personal information), my application will be denied? It wouldn't be a problem to have it all translated, but these certified translations are costing me $40 a page so I'm not going to pay that to learn some fluff as interesting as it might be to find out exactly what it says in plain English.
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    Marriage is a life long commitment,it is the rejoining of two families and it is a very sacred function.The boy should love the girl family and the girl should love the boy family.

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