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Thread: Withdraw Sponsorship

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    Withdraw Sponsorship

    My husband and I are the sponsor for our daughter in law, who married our son 8 years ago. We have been her sponsor for about 6+ years, and they have 2 children. Recently our son found photos of his wife that indicated she had had an affair for a long period of time. He forgave her, but she went back to continuing this affair and walked out on her family. Their marriage is now ending. She has since told him that she never has loved him. We can no longer continue to support her after the divorce, however she has quit her job and indicated that she s going to try to get as much from us and use us as she can. She did work in the USA illegally for about 3 years, prior to meeting our son. Do we still have any obligation to her? Including her 3 illegal work years, she has worked about 6+ years legally, thanks to us sponsoring her. Any help anyone can give will really be appreciated.

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    I dont think you have any way to withdrawal your sponsorship. The instructions on the I-864 indicate your sponsorship will continue until the intending immigrant has earned 40 qualifying quarters of work in the United States, the intending immigrant dies or departs the United States.

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