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Thread: Marriage Fraud and Deportation: How To?

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    Feb 2015

    Marriage Fraud and Deportation: How To?

    I am a victim of what is perhaps the longest green card marriage fraud ever.

    My spouse, an Asian woman,

    * Wouldn't change her last name
    * Wouldn't let me meet her family
    * Maintained relationships outside the marriage whom I never seemed to meet
    * Lying, secrecy, private texting, etc
    * Psychotic behavior in the house
    * Facebook and Twitter do not say that she is married
    * Travels alone a lot
    * Only shared a bank account to get past the first INS test, with only a small portion of money ($3500), and for only a few months!

    I know that it is fraud because she moved out just a few weeks after getting her permanent residence 10 year renewal. On the day she moved out, she said "I only married you to get f**king green card."

    I tried to get her to go to counseling, but as the counselor explained, when there is infidelity, the spouse does not want to get caught and won't come to counseling. And she would not come to counseling.

    She waited for one year and then filed for divorce.

    I have done everything I could think of to try to save the marriage for over 1 year. I went through Mort Fertel's program and Lee Baucom's program. I tried the nice text messages, sending her gifts, etc. But she has persisted. And she has spread lies about me beating her up and this has harmed my reputation and peer group as a professional. I don't so much care about the bad rap as much as I do about the troubling source — my spouse doing something so hateful to me?! To me, a job is much less important than family. It has been a very painful last two years.

    How do I pursue deportation?

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    You could probably contact USCIS to report this.

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    Here are the USCIS offices, find the one closest to you and send them a letter, or call and ask for a Fraud Detection and National Security Officer.

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