Hi everyone,

Just found out about this forum and realy cool that everyone is trying to help each other.

I read some Threads but everyone has a different case so i wanted to be sure about my case.

In my situation:

- I'm 27 years old and a turkish citizen.
- I have a really clean and good background. (Was born in Germany, speak 3 languages, have my bachelor and masters, worked as a teacher for more then 5 years etc.)
- Came on Dec 16th 2014 with a B1/B2 tourist Visa to the US.
- I did a same sex marriage on Feb 18th 2015.
- My Husband is a US Citizen.
- We live in NYC.
- It is not a fake marriage.
- My Intention is to get all documents ASAP done because I'm a teacher and i want to continue with my life, working and not being illegal for some reasons.

My question is:

Which forms do i need to fill? As i read the forum i think i need to fill the forms: (I-130, I-485 and I-765) Can i apply to those forms at the SAME TIME or do we need to follow an order?

Thank you for your help.