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Thread: SSN question

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    Can i still use my SS# even when my EAD expired?

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    Can i still use my SS# even when my EAD expired?

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    Do you already have it? or are you getting it based on marriage to a USC?

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    If your SS# says that it is valid till your EAD, then you should not use for any legal or employment with an expired EAD. When your EAD will be renewed, you will have to apply again for SS# but you will be allotted same SS#.
    Good luck.

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    I'm planning on getting marry sometime next week. So, if i go to the justice of the peace to get marry, i cannot use my social security? getting marry is a different case but you said not to use it for any legal work.

    p.s. my girlfriend is a USC and we wanna get marry but we need to talk to her parents. She is 22 and i'm 28. She moved out of her home last year, so i don't know if her parents care to much.

  6. #6
    You can use that number there but not for any job application.
    I hope her parents will give blessing to both of you.
    Good luck

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    how come people who let their visas' expire still work and pay taxes and not get in trouble? i guess they still using their SSN and they just keep working.The question is: if i apply for a job, will SSN contact my employer and tell them that i'm not authorized to work?
    How come other people still use their expired social security and they don't get in trouble

  8. #8
    Employers just check with INS to know whether a person has a authorization to work or not. INS Alien number is a record of a person about Immigrant status of that person. Whereas, SS# is his general record which collects all information about a person. With you SS# anyone can find out your life and financial history. People sometime do wrong things but if you can avoid, you should. Anyway, after marriage soon you will get your EAD.
    Good luck.

  9. #9
    The reason people don't get in trouble right away is because their employers don't check SSNs, for one, and these people seem to get away with it. But remember, at some point, this will hurt them, whether they try to get insurance or social services (some but not all are available to everyone), or Medicaid, etc. From what I've learned, this catches up to everyone at some point. Like Umesh said, avoid any wrong steps and do things the right way so working illegaly and fraudulent ID can't come back to haunt you.

  10. #10
    Hi dwonder..

    I have the same problem. My EAD (IAP-66 on J1) visa wxpired in October 2002 - then I've got new visa B2 (without leaving USA)and now I have only my legally SS# (valid for work only with INS authorization) but I worry to use this SS# cause I don't want any problems in future when I will try get green card (by lottery for example).

    And I have other problem.. now wife (US citizen) cause I'm gay..

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