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Thread: i-130 transfered to district office

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    my wife is lpr. she filed i-130 for me in 2001.but we got a letter from vsc that our case has been transfered to the bcis district office for the bcis local offices process i-130 cases? pls advice

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    my wife is lpr. she filed i-130 for me in 2001.but we got a letter from vsc that our case has been transfered to the bcis district office for the bcis local offices process i-130 cases? pls advice

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    deport illegal aliens

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    for your information i am legal in this country. i'm on h2b visa. so think very well before you contribute next time

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    Our interview for my husband's AOS via marriage petition was held at a local office and they are the ones doing the processing. Not sure if that is good news for you or bad news; local offices do not use the BCIS website so you cannot check status online; also our office (Minneapolis) is extremely slow. Best of luck to you.

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    hi lurker,
    anyway, i will call that a good news for me since the petition has been at the service center for 2 years.but now they transfered it and informed me that it is to speed up the process.i only want to know if that is okay since my wife is a pr not usc.could advise on this?

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    alexajayi, I am in a similar situation!!! What are the chances I ask you?! In 1999, my LPR spouse filed I-130 for me with TSC, which used to be notoriously slow (and I presume it still is); so the petition sat there and gathered dust per ritual without being adjudicated. We relocated to Midwest in 2002, and my attorney sent out a request for TSC to transfer the I-130 to NSC as the new service center with jurisdiction. I don't know if that request actually worked or not. Most likely it didn't since sometime after relocating I was able to locate a TSC service rep (or whatever the designation is) on the phone, and he made a note of my relocation/updated contact info etc. although he could not tell me if the petition was on its way to NSC or not. A few weeks later, another service rep confirmed that in fact the petition had left TSC; she said it was sent to NSC (looking at the system info), and then NSC sent it to the INS district office in my state. The kicker is, the I-130 petition was STILL pending! Imagine my surprise. Why would NSC do that? Go figure! Since then, I tried contacting the INS district office but they kept telling me that I would need to come in and make general inquiry as opposed to over the phone or via fax since there was no way to verify my true identity. I had no idea so many other people were possibly interested in finding out the status of my miserable I-130! That is how the situation stands as of now. I honestly have better things to do than waste my valuable time going to that office and in all likelihood ending up with an answer that will most likely induce more frustration. There is no accountability on part of BCIS whatsoever! But, it's a "TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT" kinda deal. Now that I'm done venting, I will stop.

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    I regret to say I have no experience in the area of permanent resident's sponsorship process. I do know there is a link I found once from this site that went into detail on all the various petition processes; wish I could remember how I got to it once! If I find it again I'll post the link.

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    Actually if you go to the link "Processing times" on the left bar, it takes you to a page that indicates spouses and children of permanent residents are 2nd in priiority after those of US citizens. Not sure what that means from an actual number-of-months (years)? standpoint...

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    Once you get to the Processing Times page, click "family based preferences"

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