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Thread: Attorney Costs

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    I appreciate any opinions. What is the average attorney cost for a simple fiancee visa. There are no complications. No background trouble for me or my wife to be. Straight forward. Can you give me an idea of the attorney charge for this service in usa??? thanks

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    I appreciate any opinions. What is the average attorney cost for a simple fiancee visa. There are no complications. No background trouble for me or my wife to be. Straight forward. Can you give me an idea of the attorney charge for this service in usa??? thanks

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    From the Midwest, have friends that say about $150 for midwest attorney in simple case of fiancee visa. hope this helps.

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    hi, the one who helped me charged $350.00 and she did an excellent job! she is also an immigrant, so she really knew what was needed. it took me 3 mos. to get here, and now, i'm married- we will also be using her to adjust my status. cal her- 9313385395.
    good luck!

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    thank you so much "J", What is the attorney's name and where is she located. Again thanks.

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    she's not a lawyer. she's a paralegal. a friend of mine recomended her to me last year. i think she works out of tenesee. im in oregon and she really gives us undivided attention like we're her only case & i really like it. while she might be in it just to get my money, she sure does not make me feel that way. i hope this helps!

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    I'd be happy to assist you in getting an affordable rate.

    Please e-mail me at

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    mmorales, thanks you are kind. How much do you charge, where are yu located, and are you paralegal also, thanks for concern. very nice person. God Bless

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    Figuring out how much it costs to get things done in your case depends on many factors. A general guideline would be to:
    1) Do your research and find an area attorney. There's nothing worse than working with an attorney who lives across the country just because they are cheap. Find an attorney in your area (or in the next town) so you can build a rapport. From my experiences, good attorneys usually work with people within their vicinity, if not they usually will recommend and have area referrals.
    2) Ask a lot of questions, especially their fees. A simple straight forward situation like yours your attorney usually will let their paralegals do the paperwork. Paralegal fees are usually much cheaper than attorney fees. Considering your "simple" circumstance, ever thought about doing it yourself? Are you very thorough in doing things? I don't blame you if you want to hire an attorney to do it for you, but then again, you can save yourself a lot of money.

    Should you find a lawyer, my best advice to keep your cost down is try not to bug your attorney about your case once its filed! Once your attorney files, let the system work itself out. Get an idea of a timeframe of how long your procedure should take, and if it is taking a little too long, you may want to inquire about it either through the lawyer (which will cost you more money for their time to look into your case), or do it yourself by asking INS directly.

    I know I probably didn't answer your question of costs, but I hope this may further help you devise a cost idea rather than simply throwing a fee out at you. Good luck!

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    i did get a lawyer when i petitioned my fiancee and i payed $250.00 for an initial phone consultaion. was so dumb! all the correspondence has his letterhead but was made and signed by the paralegal. all in all, i payed $2,000. had i known that there are immigration paralegals, i wouldn't have bothered with a lawyer. for one, just the same, if it gets denied, it all the lawyer will say is, well, you probably didn't get lucky. meaning there must have been something wrong with your fiancee's history that made the ins deny the petition. you see, nobody can really predict the outcome of a petition. if they say yeah, it can it can be done, yes there is a probability that it can indeed be done, but it still DEPENDS ON THE INS. they are whimsical! another factor is definitely the cost. also, i won't think that the locationof the lawyer/paralegal would be an issue. you see, all that they do is mail those darn documents anyways! plus, you don't go and see them (lawyers) otherwise, they'll bill you for their time. you JUST CALL. geez, good luck! oh by the way, my fiancee's visa? i got it after 1 year and 12 days.

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