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Thread: Any Life Legalization Approval Lately

  1. #1
    Does anybody Know if any Life Legalization Applicants been approved lately.
    I hear a lot of Life Legalization had their interview this month? Thanks

  2. #2
    Does anybody Know if any Life Legalization Applicants been approved lately.
    I hear a lot of Life Legalization had their interview this month? Thanks

  3. #3
    It looks like whatever documents you show that you had been in the U.S. since 1981-88
    The INS officer will ask you for more evidence, and they will delay your case for long period of time, this is the INS policy toward all Life /CSS/ LULAC applicants. Good Luck to All and please keeping fighting all the way to the end.

  4. #4
    Only 55 thousand out of 400 thousand eligible LULAC/CSS applied for Life Legalization, and still the INS don't want to approve these eligible applicants, the INS spent 50 millions dollars to fight the LULA/CSS in the court, and the INS waiting until all the applicants dies or give up or withdrew their application.

  5. #5
    hi, iam a life lgalization applicant i had
    my interview at atlanta office in 2003 for my
    i-485,where they asked me to send more proofs of
    my presence during 1981-1986,i sent them every
    thing recently my case status info shows my case being sent back to msc for final processing does any body know what this means
    does the office which takes your interviews are
    not supposed to send approval or denials foe life legalization ,any body had their approval or denial notices sent fron msc for life legalization!

  6. #6
    rajubhai, Do you have prove that you applied for CSS/LULAC, if so what kind of prove?

    What kind of prove you have for your presence from 1982-87?

  7. #7
    i had my lease deed social security card application my 1988 work auth card and some affidavits

  8. #8
    Rajubhai I never heard any Life legalization applicant had his local INS office sent his paper back to MSC. Do you have any prove that you applied to LULAC/CSS?
    Can you please tell us how did you enter the country for the first time and if you left the country and came back, how did you come back the second time? Also did you apply for the new settlement?

  9. #9
    May 2005, is last day to apply under Settlement case, every one have to take the second chance also.
    God is geat

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