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Thread: After my I-751 was denied, Can I still work?? Please help!!!

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    After my I-751 was denied, Can I still work?? Please help!!!

    I came to U.S in Feb 2010, We got married in April 2010, before this, we've been together already almost 7 years, we both Chinese and we met in China while he was visiting in vacation, I came this country with K1 VISA. But our marriage didn't work out, We got divorced in April 2013, but before that, we already separated almost one and an half year, I sent the I-751 form by myself, then I went to the interview in January 2014, just got the letter from USCIS, told me my I-751 was denied.....I was really so desperate....Our marriage was 100% real!!! And our relationship last almost 10 years. I have a full time job in Jewelry Company and I'm really like here now....I don't know how they think our marriage was not entering into in good faith.....I got the mail on Friday, so today I took a day off was going to talk with my lawyer but I didn't make an appointment and he's not in his office whole day, so I didn't have chance to talk to him, my english is not very well.. so I'm googling online and really want to know what I should do and am I still legal to work????? Thanks a lot for helping me!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You are not allowed to work anymore, and any extra day you work going to go against you, so please stop working. As far as I know you cannot request to open the case again. You could try to make an infopass, but at this point it's hard to say that will work. Did you take evidences to your interview in January? Maybe, you didn't bring enough and that's why they denied you. I'm very sorry. I wish I could help you more, but at this stage all I can say, stop working! If they file deportation proceedings against you, the fact that you remained working illegally only going to make things harder for you in the future, such as a possible 10 year ban for being able to re-enter the US even on a tourist visa.

    Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

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    You can appeal the decision. You may work until you have a final order of removal.

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