Q: What is the major differences between O-1 visa and EB1-Extraordinary Ability application? and what is difference between O-1 and other employment related nonimmigrant status, such as H-1B?

A: The requirements for O-1 visa or status are similar to those for the EB1 Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A or EB1-EA), employment based permanent residence category. The difference is that the O-1 visa applies to those aliens seeking a non-immigrant status, while the EB-1A standard is for those seeking permanent immigrant status.

The O-1 visa is distinguished from other employment related statuses in that it applies to more types of work than other areas. For instance, H-1B status is limited to foreign professionals with at least a bachelor's degree for a specialty occupation, which cannot apply to alien artists, athletes or entertainers without such educational background. However, such as artists, athletes or entertainers can apply for O-1 visa or O-1 status.

Moreover, the requirements of O-1 are much higher than that of H-1B. Also, O-1 visa could be obtained by those in H-1B status who have exhausted the full-authorized stay of 6 years.