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Thread: opening a bank account

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    how can i open a bank accout without a social secruity number. and which banks shd i go to

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    how can i open a bank accout without a social secruity number. and which banks shd i go to

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    Hi Mary,

    You have to show your identity card that they can accept I guess.

    I used my Citibank credit card from my home country. (Only that). They do not accept my country's Identification Card and driving licence.

    Do you have international credit cards? Like American Express or Citibank cards? This might help. But I don't know, it might depends on the banks. Hope others can help give ideas.

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    You could also request a Tax Id number from the IRS. Many banks accept this number in place of a social security number as long as you also have a picture identification card.

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    To open a joint account (Chase Manhatten bank) with my US husband, I used my IRS Tax ID number (that I got after I was married), UK passport, marriage licence and US drivers licence (I got that years ago before they changed the rules).

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    deport illegal aliens

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    I tried to open a joint bank account with my husband who has no SS#. They refused to let him be on the account. They said that he must have an SS#. They were very mean about it too. I've been going to that bank for 5 years! After that they asked me what status he has in this county. I said "none," and a whale of a women started vigorously shaking her blobby head and repeating the word "no" over and over again with a tone of spite in her ugly voice. She informed us that someone who doesn't have permission to work has no need for a bank account. I got out of there ASAP. I was seriosly concerned that she was going to pick up the phone and call the BCIS to come for my poor husband right there. I don't know what the big deal is. They were always nice to me there before they met my husband. I guess people who are married to wetbacks just don't deserve any respect.

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    deport illegal aliens

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    deport illegal aliens

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    Can your husband get an ITIN? To get mine I went to IRS office with my US marriage certificate, UK passport and a letter from UK social security office giving my UK SS#. I was never asked for proof of legal status in the USA. ITIN card came in the mail after two weeks.

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