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Thread: Is Dual Citizenship with Italy allowed?

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    Is Dual Citizenship with Italy allowed?

    Many U.S. Citizens of Italian descent are applying for Italian Citizenship. But is Dual Citizenship legal to hold?

    U.S. law states that American citizenship can be lost by becoming a citizen of another country with the intent of relinquishing U.S. citizenship.

    In the case of Italian Citizenship jus sanguinis, there is no such issue. In fact, there is a difference between becoming a citizen of another state through naturalization, and claiming one’s birthright. In the first case, a U.S. citizen will have to take an oath of allegiance to another country, which could conflict with the allegiance to the United States. In the second case, there is no oath, and there is a mere recognition of an existing right – the right of citizenship jus sanguinis – by virtue of Italian ancestry.

    The U.S. does not prohibit dual citizenship. However, the U.S. requires that a U.S. citizen enters and leaves the U.S with his American passport.

    After 1992, Italy allows dual citizenship. Italian citizens that became Americans before then, had lost their Italian Citizenship, but can now regain it.

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    Italy considers anyone with Italian bloodlines an Italian citizen… even before you apply to claim an ancestral passport. As long as you can prove your Italian ancestry, you can become an Italian citizen. Italy does not require you to renounce other citizenship when you follow this procedure, or when you become a naturalized citizen through residence.

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