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Thread: I-601 denied... Psychological evaluation?

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    I-601 denied... Psychological evaluation?

    My husband's waiver was denied, and I was told to have a psychological evaluation done to prove extreme hardship. I'm in Utah. Does anyone know of any good psychologists?
    I've talked to one, but wants to charge me $2,100.
    Thanks for your help...

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    Of course he is, it's just that we don't have that money. If we had the money, do you think I'd be asking about other psychologists? And yes we could save up, but that will time some time! And we want to get done with this asap! Thanks for your answer....

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    USCIS does not give much credibility to a psych evaluation, as stated by a USCIS official at a conference for immigration attorneys. This should not be surprising because an eval is based on one session with a psychologist.

    You would be better using $2,100 either to retain an experienced immigration attorney or to have 3 months of therapy and then get the therapist to write a more meaningful, credible and substantive letter about your emotional state. A good immigration attorney rarely relies on a psychological eval to make a case.

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    I am not sure if you have found a Psychologist yet but I do mental health assessments for immigration proceedings and I would be glad to help you for a lot less then $2100. This includes 3 sessions, testing, and the report to your attorney. Please see my website at


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    one can easily find a 'psychologist' who will, for a sum of money, create any sort of phony 'analysis' to match whatever you need...which is why USCIS cares nothing about such 'evaluations'.....they are largely meaningless...even if you attended several sessions, the whole result will have been scripted, with certain questions and strong suggestions of answers.....bottom line....your husband thumbed his nose at our laws, found some trailer park resident to marry and now neither one of you wants to recognize the price to be paid for violating our rules and laws....waivers should just be eliminated....all they do is reward dirtbags and the double digit IQ'd dodos who marry them.

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