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Thread: Csn you be deported if you have a green card but convicted of a felon?

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    Unhappy Csn you be deported if you have a green card but convicted of a felon?

    My daughter’s current boyfriend is a refugee from Laos and came to the US in 1980 at age 5. He is a felon and served 5 years in prison and just got out in April of 2013. My question is can he be deported because of this felon or if he gets any other misdemeanors as he has a case going on now because he has been abusing my daughter and she turned him in. Is he supposed to renew his green card every so many years and isn’t he supposed to carry his green card with him at all times? Thank you in advance to whomever that can any my questions. He does not ever recall ever having to renew his green card and boasts to us that he is here legally and they cannot touch him.
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    Green cards are renewed every 10 years. If he doesn't remember doing this, he could be a US Citizen at this time. If he is not a US Citizen he could be deported for serious crimes.

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