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Thread: Question about USCIS processing timeline

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    Question about USCIS processing timeline

    Hi All,

    I used to be visitor of this discussion board couple of years ago. This is Pasha Patel. I have a question regarding USCIS processing timeline and would appreciate your interpretation of the information. I am US citizen and filed for my brother in March 2009. We all were under the impression that processing for brother(s) and sister(s) of US citizen takes couple of years before visa can be made available so I did not bother checking the processing time. According to the following link (USCIS website), it is showing December 4, 2010 ...

    I-130 Petition for Alien Relative U.S. citizen filing for a brother or sister December 4, 2010

    Am I reading it right that visa is current and available for this category (brothers / sisters of US citizen) where petition was filed on or before 4th December 2010 ? Thank you.

    I am not sure who is still visiting this forum from old time but a big hello to 4now, aguila, still learning, sammy, swissnut, josephine, E, Michael etc etc.
    Last edited by pasha; 07-04-2013 at 12:54 PM. Reason: Forgot to post link

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    The link that you have above is the processing time for USCIS and that depends on where your application is being processed. For status dates on Visas, you will want to go here:

    For Brother/Sister that is F4 category and they are taking about 12-15+ years to process depending on what country they are from.

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