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Thread: I 751 interview need helpppp

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    I 751 interview need helpppp

    Hi all, I am scared right now. I file i751 on sep 2012 then on april 2013 I got a letter saying that I need to send more evidence( RFE letter). I took 1 month to gathering document and sent it to them in May. Now June 2013 I got another letter say
    " the letter is in reference to your form I 751, petition to remove the condition on residence. This is to notify you that your petition has been relocated to uscis field office listed below for adjudication. That office will schedule an interview for you. When an interview date becomes available, that office will notify you in a separate notice of the date and time you will need to appear for the interview.

    When you appear for the interview,you must bring this notice,along with evidence to establish that the marriage though which you gained your conditional residence status was enter in good faith. This evidence may include , but not limited to, joint bank account , joint leases, joint mortgage, insurances policies, canceled checks, joint bills, etc if you are applying under one of the exemption provision , you will need to bring evidence to support your claim.".

    Document that I sent
    -Joint bank account
    -life insurance
    -car insurance
    -pink slip of car
    -advidift of two friends
    -lease agreement of rent( it's a sublease agreement coz we live in her mom apartment)
    -Tax return 3 years
    -aaa membership

    Here are my question.
    1. Will they ask me only or me and my wife to show up in the interview day?
    2.On the interview day will it be just regular interview( checking document and asking a simple question) or stroke interview( I don't know exactly what it means but I think they will separate us and ask question)?
    3.Does anyone has a case like this please share story?

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    You both should show up at the interview, they will like ask you both questions to make sure that you are really married.

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