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And Rand Paul is Close to Signing on to Immigration Reform

He'll be on board if there are changes to some of the security triggers. I suspect we're going to see some toughening of those provisions as an attempt to get to the magic number of 70. Hat tip to Beppe for the link. You readers are great in helping your fellow readers up to date on the latest news.


Ayotte Latest Republican Senator Supporting Immigration Bill

A very nice "get". Hat tip to George for passing this on.


Paul Ryan Endorses Bipartisan House Bill

A day after the departure of Raul Labrador from the House Gang of Eight, the bipartisan negotiators in the House won a bigger endorsement - that of Tea Party favorite and former GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan.


Pelosi Remains Optimistic Immigration Bill Can Pass

Despite Raul Labrador's departure from the Gang of Eight and the vote in the House to de-fund the DACA program this week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is offering an upbeat assessment of the bill's chances of passing. From the Hill:

The top-ranking House Democrat is “optimistic” that lawmakers can pass a comprehensive immigration reform measure.

Regarding the King Amendment on DACA funding:

She explained, “I do not think the vote this morning on the King Act is indicative of where the House will be on immigration.”

added, “taken piece by piece, some of us may have objections with one
piece or another, but advancing comprehensive immigration reform is a
bigger equity than some of the individual pieces.”

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