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by*Chris Musillo

The next steps on Comprehensive Immigration Reform are taking shape. *Whether it can be accomplished by the end of the summer is still an open question. *If CIR fails it will be because it is enormously difficult to get 435 House Representatives and 100 Senators to agree anything.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D- NV) says that a full Senate vote on CIR (S. 744) is expected to come before the July 4th Congressional recess.

S. 744 will need 60 votes to survive a filibuster. *The odds are better than even that S. 744's proponents can get the 60 votes. *S. 744 stalwart Sen. Rubio seems to be wavering but this may be politics on his part. * While sixty votes would be a victory, sixty-five or seventy would be better. *It would signal broad bipartisan support for S. 744 specifically and CIR generally.*

Once S. 744 is passed all eyes will be on the House. *The House had its own Gang of Eight crafting its own CIR bill. * This Gang of Eight has been downsized to a Magnificent Seven, with*Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) leaving the posse. *While Rep. Labrador's abdication was not welcome news, the fact that the rest of the Republicans have decided to stay on the job implies that there is still a desire to get a House bill completed this summer.*

Before we can get to the House though it will remain to be seen just how many votes S. 744 can obtain in the Senate. *We should know the answer to this -- and to be better able to handicap the viability of CIR -- by the July 4 Congressional recess.*

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