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Thread: Blogging: Center for Immigration Studies Shows That Bigotry Against Minorities is at

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    Blogging: Center for Immigration Studies Shows That Bigotry Against Minorities is at

    Bloggings on Immigration Law


    Roger Algase

    Center for Immigration Studies Shows That Bigotry Against Minorities is at the Root of CIR Opposition

    Talk about letting the cat out of the bag. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has now made it official.

    Huffington Post's Latino Voices page reports on May 30 that Steven Camarota, CIS Director of "Research" (since quotation marks are always advisable in referring to "research" or "studies" by anti-immigrant lobbying groups such as CIS, FAIR, or NumbersUSA), has issued the following press release, also dated May 30:

    "As Republicans think about how they can expand their voter base, the new data suggest that one of their big problems in the last presidential election was that so many less-educated whites sat home...These voters, who have been hard hit by the recession, have traditionally supported Republicans. It seems likely that by supporting the Schumer-Rubio amnesty, GOP legislators would further alienate these voters."

    See Republicans Should Chase White Vote, Center For Immigration Studies Says

    Of course, CIS would never wish to alienate anyone - except that is, for the millions of Latino, African-American and other minority voters who overwhelmed the Republicans in last November's election.

    Nor, to be sure, should we read any significance into the fact that even though several other members of the Senate Gang of Eight who crafted the CIR bill belong to America's white, Christian, majority, CIR somehow chose to focus on two members with Jewish and Latino names, respectively, as if they were the only authors of the immigration reform bill.

    Yes, coincidences do happen. And it also becomes more obvious each day that only real reason for opposition to CIR is white supremacist bigotry. Everythng else is just window dressing.



    About The Author

    Roger Algase is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He has been practicing business immigration law in New York City for more than 20 years.

    The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) alone and should not be imputed to ILW.COM.

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    Harry DeMell
    Roger: You only see it from 1 angle. Check another view .

    Harry DeMell

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    There goes Algase again! Nothing wrong with America that wouldn't be alleviated by getting rid of, or at least exiling, all those nasty whites! Why would anyone, any American, be opposed to living in the sort of Afro-Mexican paradise Algase dreams of? Why, all one has to do is look at the prosperous, flourishing nations all those Mexicans and various Africans have created on their own and it makes perfect sense to fill the United States with as many of them as quickly as possible!

    I have often wondered whether Algase, whose immigrant forebears came from somewhere in eastern Europe, ever considers that maybe, just maybe, if the US then were as he wants the US to become now, whether they would have even come here? I mean, they could as easily have gone to brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking Mexico or to even darker-colored polyglot Africa. But then maybe they didn't share their descendant's opinions of white America? Ah...hypocrisy!

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    Roger Algase
    I meant: "CIS somehow chose to focus on" not "CIR". My apologies.

    Roger Algase

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    Roger Algase
    Harry DeMell says in his interview with the Huffington Post that any time some one waves a flag at a rally that is not an American flag, then anti-American feeling is involved. Harry is a very astute analyst and I have a great deal of respect for him.

    But I have a problem following him on this one. Are the people who show Irish flags on St. Patrick's Day, Italian flags on Columbus Day, or Israeli flags on Israel Independence Day anti-American? One could go on and on - what about Greek, German, Korean and many other national flags that are shown in parades and rallies on their holidays in many parts of America?

    We can see many of these events in New York, where I live. New York wouldn't be New York without celebrations of these different elements of our shared national heritage. Without these foreign flags, and the immigrants or descendants of immigrants who proudly show them, America would not be America.

    My Jewish grandparents came to America from Eastern Europe in the late 19th century, not to get revenge on anyone, but to find a better life. Are today's immigrants from Mexico, Central America, Africa, Bangladesh or Southeast Asia. to name just a few places, any different in their motivations?

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